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Desperado band
Doug's Song List Page

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I'm feelin' Froggy!

Doug puts forth great efforts to make sure each and every fan that comes out to hear us has an enjoyable evening.  He works hard to make us sound  good and if your ever out, be sure to let him know what you think.  If you have any problems, Doug will work hard to make your evening satisfying and non-forgettable.

McBride & The Ride   -  Just One Night With You          Joe Diffie   -  Good Brown Gravy                                      Bob Seger  -  Turn The Page                                               Poison    -   Every Rose Has It's Thorns                             The Rolling Stones   -   Honky Tonk Woman                    ZZ Top   -   Tush                                                                  Dierks Benley   -   What Was I Thinkin'                          Rascal Flats   -   I Melt                                                    Chris Cagel   -   Chicks Dig It                                         Van Halen   -   Jump

We might be a little twisted

 Erie was a blast this summer and we took full advantage of it. Brett and Tina, Gary and Angie, and Doug and DeAnna stayed at a hotel and had alot of fun together as you can see. ( What a bunch of corn balls )