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Desperado band
The New Desperado Band

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We've been working really hard to make this band the best it can be. We love to come out and interact with the crowd and get everybody having a good time. The changes we made this year gave our band a whole new direction, and we're happy to say it is coming along just fine. After 2 and a half months of playing out in the clubs, you can really start to see our face lift. Gary & Brett have added a new dimention to our music and we're back on target to try and be the best country & classis rock band in northeast Ohio & western Pennsylvania



Bryan joined Desperado after spending 20 years as a rodeo clown. Ten of  those in a coma after being kicked in the head while waving to his family durring a show. When he woke, he new he wanted to be a musician, so he picked up the guitar & hit the road to stardom, spending 5 years living on the streets of Nashville in a one room box behind the Spaghetti factory. He finally decided to come back home, a there is where he met Joe and they got together and formed the Desperado band.

  Joe, a music major in high school decided to take a different path after graduation. He went into door to door sales with the Kirby Sweeper Company. He quickly moved to the top but he just wasn't happy. He moved on to Chuckie Cheese where he became the singing voice and guitar of the Chuckie Cheese band. That is where he met his wife Lorie. She was the mascot, & it was a match made in heaven, but it still wasn't enough for him, he wanted to be the star. So he gave his notice and started looking to form a band. Thats when he met Bryan & a wonderful relationship was started.




 Doug joined the band 2 years ago after retiring from the WWF as Dude Love because a knee injury he received in a three level cage match with the Undertaker. He was intraction for 6 months & was unable to return to the ring. It was there that he met & fell in  love with his nurse DeAnna who nursed him back to health. It wasn't long before they were married at the Elvis chapel in Las Vegas.  He then decided to go back to his first love, music. He played with other local bands before finding Desperado. They needed a sound man & he joined the band.


John joined the band after returning from is tour on broadway with The Wiz. He needed a break from the road. so he started his own singing telegram service. It was taking off & he was going places, like Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, Chippawa, & it was starting to exspand in to cities like East Palestine, Lisbon, Unity, & New Middletown, but he wanted more. Joe & Bryan came to him needing a third vocal in the band, & new he was the man. so he gave up his business & joined Desperado.




Gary started playing drums at the age 2 he would beat on the table with his hands. His parents new right away he was gifted, & went out & got him his first tamberine. As he got older you might of seen him at the  Pittsburgh airport playing that very tamberine. It was there he was discovered by Capital Records & recorded his first record called Tamberine Love. He new he was better than that & desided to go out & buy a drum set and start a band, Foxx. He stayed with that band till seeing the Desperado ad & need I say more?                                                                                           

Brett is very different. Touring with the Greatful Dead in the early 70's, his parents drug him from city to city in there thier flower power VW bus. At an early age he knew music was his life, & piano was his passion. In time he learned he was going to have to get a real job to pay for his keyboards, so he took on a job as Bozo The Clown, entertaining children all over the world. But that still wasn't the music carreer he wan't & that's where he got hooked up with Gary & Foxx, and together they joined our band in 2004



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Doug is the last member of this band, & comes to us from the Poland Ohio area. He is our sound man and also covers lead & background vocals. He brings to the band more of a rock edge. he either makes or breaks us cause he has the control of our each night.