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Desperado band
Gary's Song List

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Gary ( Flip ) Larriza

Gary's super large, really really big song list

Gary is one of a kind.
Kind of what, were just not sure.

Wipe out 


It has now been one year sence he joined the band and we truely understand why they call him Flip. How many people do you know that can spend the night in a hotel and forget to shut the door on their truck when they get out to go inside and then the next morning find out that nothing was taken with his cell phone laying out in plain view, or how about doing it twice. He also did it at Pappa Louie's in Brookfield, Ohio on one of the breaks he went out to get something out of his truck and never shut the door when he came back in. I could probably go on for days talking about Gary but we'll wait cause I'm sure there will be more to come. However you don't want to miss hearing Flip play cause he really puts his heart into it.