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Desperado band
News and Bio's

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We just finished our demo in the studio at Daybreak Music in Corland Ohio. We layed down 4 tracks, consisting of Wild Wild West, Tin Man, Real Good Man & Sweet. We are hoping that this demo will help us to get into some new clubs in the Northeastern Ohio & Western Pennsylvania area. Maybe soon you'll see a new cd for sale with our originals.

Brett & Tina

Bryan & Ranee

Joe & Lori

Gary & Angie

Doug & DeAnna

To our wives:

Lori, Renee, Beth, De Anna, Angie and Tina.
Thank-you so much for your love and support for all of us. You are the root of the strength that get's us through the long hours during each of our regular work weeks, rehersal times, and the road trips for performances. You are always there to give us a smile, a hug, and that extra helping hand. You help remind us to keep focused on the ultimate goal of just having fun, and not get so caught up in the occasional highs, and lows.

We love you all.

To our fans:
Thank-you for your support! It's so great to see you following us around to so many different places. We are going to "make it", and you are the reason why!!

Desperado & our fans at Csonka's
News Years Eve 2003

"The Desperado Band in 2004"

Doug, Gary, Joe, Brett, John & Bryan

Bryan Michaels comes to us from  Northeastern Ohio and brings a talent to this band that is very hard to find. He always puts everything he has into his music, and it shows every night he performs. He loves to interact with the crowd, and give everybody a great show every time.
Doug Beer comes to us from Nashville, Tennessee with years of experience as a Sound Technician with a hidden talent as a Vocalist.  Singing high harmonies and lead and background vocals.  When you come out and hear us you'll see the hidden talent behind Doug.  If you like the sound, let us know.  Even if you might not like it, Doug always works hard to give us that extra boost to make us sound great and for all the fans to have an enjoyable and non-forgettable night.

Doug & Bryan at Csonka's



Hey, we have room here to add comments from our fans! E-mail them to us and we will add them to our web page!