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Desperado band

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The music is what matters most...

Performing at Ponderosa Park with Gretchen Wilson



Joe Gillespie recorded his first album in Nashville called "Paul and Joe" while he was a member of the Double Dealin band.

Joe has written dozens of songs and the band is eager to get them published. Some of the songs to watch for are:


Calm Before The Storm.
Two Step.
Walkin The Line
Two to One Story
No Win Situation.
This Old Flame.

Plus many more!


The Desperado Band has found that special blend of musical talent and freindship with it's members. This really pays off when the occasional "off-night" comes along. Hey the reality is everyone has a bad day once in a while, and because of the support each of the members give each other we have found a way to deal with the tough spots. This really shows when we are on stage and is a huge part of our rapid success.

Favorite CD


We are currently disscussing hiring an agent, and a promoter. Interested parties please contact us.

Favorite Song

Everyonce in a while we find a new favorite song. A few months back we had a request to perform "Statue of a Fool" and what happened was magical. The bands ability to listen to each other, and harmonize has turned this tune into a show stopper, and it will likely make it into our upcoming album. We recently performed on Ponderosa Parks main stage as the opening act and finished our set with this song. The result was we were treated to a standing ovation from the audience, and chants for an encore. That was a moment the band members will cherish forever.

9-11-01 The WTC tradgedy has created a situation where we have another favorite song. Lee Greenwoods "God Bless The USA" has been a big song for us each performance. We take a moment each night to think about the victims of that event and their families. Then we stress our support for our country and ask the audience to join in with us.